ikydz finally gives parents back control of the internet in their own homes.

e-safety is a major concern to parents around the world and ikydz is a unique and innovative solution to manage internet security and safety.

Today’s parents continually worry about what their kids are watching online and how long they’re spending on their devices. ikydz changes all of that. Reduce the risk of cyber-bullying, online grooming and access to unsafe and dangerous content by managing and controlling your kids devices.

ikydz is a simple plug and play box that gives parents and guardians the power to regulate the time any digital device within the home is used for as well as filtering out content that you are not happy with.

ikydz - the Internet Guardian.

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What’s so special about iKydz?
You can control all wirelessly connected devices on your household broadband connection on an individual device basis using one simple plug and play modem sized box and an easy to use web app

Reduce the risk of cyber-bullying, online grooming and access to unsafe and dangerous content by managing and controlling your kids’ devices.

How does iKydz work?
That’s the secret, a simple plug and play microcomputer delivers the software required to manage all your household internet connections over the web at the swipe of a finger via the iKydz app.

Will iKydz work with any router?

Yes, iKydz will work with any router.

How many devices can I manage with iKydz?
iKydz will enable you to manage up to 243 internet capable devices on your household network. In our experience, each household has an average of 7/8 children’s internet connected devices.

What is Safe Search and Content Blocking;

Research has shown that the majority of children come across inappropriate content based on a random web search or links appearing while on YouTube© . Once your child’s device is connected to the iKydz WiFI network, all content is automatically filtered by Google Safe Search© , so your children are safe to search to the internet using Google, Bing, YouTube etc.

In addition, iKydz provides a parent the ability to enable adult content blocking on individual devices.

So Why enable adult content?

The curious nature of our children can often provide them with snippets of information which could lead them to open up a browser and input a specific URL, for example www.xxx.com. Entering this address is a request to the internet to return a specific site and not a search. iKydz adult content block list is designed to stop this request getting a response from the internet.

What are iKydz Block lists?

iKydz blocklists are identified sites which contain content relating to pornography, or are paedophile sites. Updates are provided by a third party service provider which in turn are delivered daily to your iKydz controller.

What type of devices can iKydz manage?

Any internet capable device including laptop or desktop computers both PC and Mac, tablets, smart phones whether Apple (IOS) or Android, internet game devices such as Microsoft XBox© and Sony Playstation© or any Smart TV.

Will iKydz Slow down my connection?

iKydz has been designed to work independently of the existing home network and will not affect the speed of any existing services including alarm system, TV service or IOT devices. iKydz connects to the ethernet port on your router and immediately creates an “IKYDZ safe network” to which your children’s devices connect. This network and the restrictions applied by the parent only affects the connected devices. We use the router purely to connect these devices to the internet when appropriate.

Can my children interrupt or bypass iKydz?

As mentioned earlier, iKydz is a separate network servicing your children’s devices only. If a child attempts to tamper/unplug the iKydz controller, they will have successfully disrupted themselves only.

Will my child’s connection be slower?

If you as a parent/guardian have applied the higher level of content filtering e.g. complete pornography blocking, the connection may appear slightly slower. The reason for this is because the iKydz controller is checking every web page for inappropriate content.

My child has an existing connection to my router how do I stop this?

Firstly, on the child’s device, select the network within WiFi settings. Select the option to forget this network. Once this is done, connect the child’s device to the iKydz wireless network now available in your home. As an additional step, it is recommended that you change the existing wireless password on your router in case your child knows the password. Please note you will need to change the password on your own devices once you have changed this. Please refer to iKydz setup section for further assistance.

Understanding time restrictions/Schedules

iKydz allows you to create schedules for all or individual devices. As a rule of thumb, the start time is when you want the restriction to begin and the end time is when you wish the restriction to be removed. These can be set for time of day and you can repeat for the days of the week.

For example, a home schedule, restriction internet access or social media site access may come into effect @ 18:00 and be removed @ 21:00 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Are iKydz blocklists updated?
All iKydz blocklists are updated daily.

What is the iKydz Secure Customer Portal?
Here you can also manage many of the functions that you access on the iKydz app, such as scheduling, blocking, restricting etc, plus you can remove a device from the app entirely (such as a TV or a parents device).

Where is iKydz available?

iKydz is available online and some retail outlets.

iKydz currently operates in 28 countries around the world including; USA, Bolivia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Pakistan, Ireland, Australia, Philippines, Argentina, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. We currently only have an English version of the app available.


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